wear resistant concrete pump rubber hose in australia

Dust suction and drain hoses Suction and drain hoses for wear-resistant, wear-resistant, water-repellent, for vacuum or gravel trucks, sand, gravel, cement powder, dry fertilizers, iron ore and abrasives for processing from grains. Note. This hose is not designed for batch processing, for example, for the removal of railway transport.
Litho Hydraulics is designed specifically for suction and discharge hoses for dredging materials such as debris, sand and mud in dredging. The mud hose suction hose provides a flexible connection between the movable suction line and the pump inlet to the dredging barge. The 3/8 “natural rubber tube has abrasion resistance, the thick wall provides torsional resistance, and the SBR coating is resistant to abrasion, cuts, abrasion and weathering.
Heavy duty excavators and suction rubber hoses made of SBR / NBR rubber compounds that can be used for vacuum suction of sand, concrete, gravel and other solid / semi-solid abrasives. This function requires high resistance to abrasion of the hose, so we offered a rubber hose for sand and gravel.

Series ID
MaxRec.WP(PSI) Weight
LT905-150 11/2 38 1.97 50 300 1.03
LT905-200 2 51 2.56 65 300 1.32
LT905-250 21/2 63 3.11 79 300 2.29
LT905-300 3 76 3.62 92 300 2.78
LT905-400 4 102 4.65 118 300 3.63
LT905-600 6 152 6.69 170 300 6.16