Steel wire braided steam hose for high temperature in the philippines

Introduction to Industrial Steam Hoses
Steam hose design
Red steam hose
Industrial steam hoses are suitable for the continuous treatment of saturated steam and superheated steam at temperatures below 150 ° C or for intermittent delivery at temperatures below 160 ° C. The steam hose that we produce is made of high-quality rubber. The reinforced layer of the high-temperature composite steam pipe is made of woven steel wire and has high heat resistance and high thermal stability.
Application of steam hose:
Suitable for steam cleaning, steam hammer, vulcanizing machine, injection molding equipment and hot pressing equipment in various industries.
Long service life.
High heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high resistance.
Lightweight and flexible.
High strength and good resistance to damage.
Here are our steam hoses: teflon steam hoses and wire braided steam hoses.
Teflon steam hoses are used in a wide range of applications in engineering, electronics, military and chemical industries. Its main feature is that it can transport highly corrosive media at 250 ° C due to its corrosion resistance and high thermal stability.

There are two types of steam hoses from PTFE.
Naturally smooth PTFE PTFE hoses are available at temperatures from -360 ° F to + 550 ° F. The design is woven from an inner smooth tube of PTFE and external stainless steel.
Steam hoses are used to transfer steam from one place to another through a hose, called a hose. It can also be used for the transfer of hot water, oil, etc. We are a supplier and manufacturer that offers high-quality steam hoses that can be found in refineries, steel mills, factories, shipyards, foundries, chemical plants and wide spectrum of other industrial facilities. Some steam hoses can be used in everyday life, like iron steam hoses.
Our steam hoses are of excellent quality and can withstand temperatures up to 205 ° C. The design of the high-temperature steam hose is not difficult. The inner tube of the hose is made of EPDM rubber and can be woven from steel wire or copper wire. Ribs, as a rule, are single- or double-layer high-strength steel wire braids. The outer shell is a wear resistant, ozone resistant and weather resistant synthetic rubber. It can also be changed to customer specifications and is known for its durability, quality, durability and long-term maintenance. Our steam hoses are available at competitive market prices.
A wire braided steam hose is used to supply saturated steam or superheated water to a temperature of 165 ° C to 220 ° C. Due to its low weight, flexibility and high thermal stability, it can be used in steam cleaning, steam hammers, vulcanizing machines, injection molding machines and press equipment. Iron steam hoses are widely used in clothing, knitting and laundry, as well as in everyday life. It can significantly improve the efficiency of operation and is very easy to operate.