manufacturer of oil drilling hose price philippines

Drilling hoses are designed for inhaling and dumping oil, diesel fuel, lubricating oil, fuel oil and hydrocarbons with 100% aromatic substances, such as gasoline, kerosene and crude oil. Hoses for drilling oil wells have exceptional flexibility compared to conventional rubber hoses. The hose is designed for maintenance in a full vacuum and is certified by API.
Our hoses for drilling oil wells are available in light and heavy operating conditions, smooth corrugations and other industries that can withstand extreme temperatures from cold to hot for use in the automotive and automotive industries. Oil hoses provide optimum performance for the most complex tasks that require the transfer of petroleum products.
Most hose rubber hoses with a rubber hose are separated from oil fields by oil refining, the relationship between smooth coatings and corrugated cardboard, as well as suction and discharge services. Other fuel hoses of smaller diameter are also included and have different characteristics.
The oil wells produced by Litong Hydraulics are the industry standard for the transfer of prefabricated factory hoses, tank hoses and the total transfer of petroleum products at a pressure of 150 pounds per square inch. Technological gasoline, oil and oil products up to a flavor content of 55%.
The various components of the oil hose include hose docking hoses, drain hoses, rubber drain hoses, hose assemblies for bridges, water hoses, hose hoses and mud hoses. Each product meets our obligations to comply with industry standards and durability, which leads to cost-effectiveness.

Series ID
MaxRec.WP(PSI) Vacuum HG
Min.B.R Weight
LT1213-200 2 51 2.48 63 300 30 8 1.64
LT1213-300 3 76 3.54 90 300 27 12 2.63
LT1213-400 4 102 4.57 116 300 27 16 3.62
LT1213-600 6 152 6.69 170 300 24 24 8.33