High temperature drain hose price to buy in sri lanka

High Temperature Drain Hose The floating roof of oil and oil storage tanks is designed to collect rainwater. The central drain hose system for the oil tank is designed to be immersed in a rainwater storage tank from the roof to the floor of the tank and from the outside. Can be used in various pH solutions and chemicals. Also suitable for 100% aromatic hydrocarbons.
Product description: The system consists of flexible rubber hoses and connectors, namely flanges, clamps and roof fastening chains, providing the basic hose layout in a ballast tank with negative buoyancy:
• Construction with several coils, re-laying mode, then a descending roof, coils lying on the floor
• Avoid using linear moving devices to interfere with any objects in the tank, for example on roofs, for example
Application area:
High-temperature drain hose for working conditions and high-pressure operating conditions
Outer layer:
Black SBR rubber, wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant
Reinforcement layer:
Fabric of high tension
Inner layer:
Black hybrid SBR / NBR rubber
Operating pressure:
Constant pressure
20Bar (300PSI)
Temperature range:
-30 ° C (-22 ° F) to + 80 ° C (+ 176 ° F)
Detailed parameters:

Series ID
MaxRec.WP(PSI) Weight
LT905-150 11/2 38 1.97 50 300 1.03
LT905-200 2 51 2.56 65 300 1.32
LT905-250 21/2 63 3.11 79 300 2.29
LT905-300 3 76 3.62 92 300 2.78
LT905-400 4 102 4.65 118 300 3.63
LT905-600 6 152 6.69 170 300 6.16