High-strength stainless steel braided fuel hose Supplier in davao city

The stainless steel oil hose 100R6 is an economical oil hose for use with steel fittings and secured with clamps or alloy clips. Stainless steel braided Teflon fuel hoses are ideal for installation in front oil coolers or remote filter housings.
It consists of an inner and outer elastomer with textile fittings and an outer braid of stainless steel to protect the hose from heat and wear. The 100R6 hose has a working temperature range of -40 to 120 degrees Celsius and a safe working pressure of 400 psi.
Suitable for oil, water and coolant.
Teflon fuel hoses are designed to transport petroleum products, that is, liquid products (mainly fuels and oils) to oil refining processes, but also include crude oil and semi-finished products of petroleum products. Petrochemical products include a wide range of products: crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, heating oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic oils and lubricants, hardened oils, processed oils and emulsions, honing oils, heat transfer oils (heat transfer oils), transformer oil, Maintenance of oil, bitumen and bitumen emulsions, other liquid bituminous materials.
Hoses and hoses for the extraction and processing of oil, transportation of liquid petroleum products, loading and unloading (for example, tankers for tankers, tankers, railway tanks), oil and fuel distribution and refueling (eg hoses of a gasoline pump), hoses for supplying oil for heating) Industrial processes, fuel systems of vehicles, hydraulics, etc.
When choosing a fuel hose, the following factors should be considered: resistance to aromatic substances in fuel, resistance to special modern fuel additives and petroleum additives (unleaded fuel, biodegradable fuel, transformer oil) and any special requirements for antistatic (Copper wire, antistatic rubber, conductive rubber), especially in explosive areas.
Couplings and fittings for high-pressure, corrosion-resistant hoses of fuel oils made of polytetrafluoroethylene must be crimped into the clamp for the worm drive using a clamping bolt or crimped with a metal ring.
To obtain more hoses for the delivery of petroleum products, see the following groups: general-purpose hoses, chemical hoses, PTFE hose, composite hoses and steel pipes, and high-pressure sections.
Application: for drilling and oil exploration, a flexible connection between the riser and the rotary joint (rotary drilling) or the pump and the riser (rotary vibrator) for pumping out dirt at very high pressures.

Series ID
MaxRec.WP(PSI) Vacuum HG
Min.B.R Weight
LT1202-075 3/4 19 1.22 31 240 27 71/2 0.61
LT1202-100 1 25 1.46 37 240 27 9 0.74
LT1202-125 11/4 32 1.73 44 240 27 101/4 0.89
LT1202-150 11/2 38 1.97 50 240 27 131/4 1.01
LT1202-200 2 51 2.48 63 240 27 161/4 1.35
LT1202-250 21/2 63 3.03 77 240 27 171/2 2.08
LT1202-300 3 76 3.62 92 240 24 203/4 2.84
LT1202-400 4 102 4.65 118 240 24 261/2 3.88