Flexible API choke kill hose for Petroleum 5000PSI manufacturer in italy

Flexible drill rubber hoses play an important role in oil exploration. They must withstand high operating pressures, extreme operating temperatures, wear and other lower parts. All our hoses for the oil rig are manufactured in accordance with API 7K or other relevant specifications.
The wiring fittings load most of the working pressure to 15,000 pounds per square inch. The wire is usually galvanized or a copper plate to improve the rust resistance of the wire. Because of the thick reinforcement of the wall, the hose should be processed or stored correctly to avoid squeezing. They will significantly reduce the nominal operating pressure.
The most common oilfield hoses are rotating hoses, Kelly hoses, cement hoses, slurry hoses, hoses for drilling oil hoses and vibrator hoses, as well as bending and cementing hoses. They transport high-pressure mud from one place to another. A number of end fittings are available for different applications. Most end fittings are manufactured according to API standards. Special orders are also available.
Short description
API 7K: Mud and cement hose – Temperature -30 ° C ~ 180 ° C
Drill Hose: Used to transport high-pressure drilling mud, the mud piping system at any place under high pressure.
Hose hose: used for drilling, cementing, overhauling, etc. As a flexible connection for drilling manifolds, cementing collectors, throttling and killing collectors, etc., transporting water base and high pressure oil. Base mortar, cement mortar and dishwashing liquid.
Vibrator hose: used for pumping drilling mud of high-pressure drilling mud and piping systems for high-pressure drilling mud between piping systems or between them.
Cement hose: it is used exclusively for high pressure cement mortar.
API 16C: for hoses with holding and throttling – temperature from -25 ° C to + 121 ° C.
Used as part of surface and underwater blowout preventer.
API 16D: for BOP and other hose diameter for oil well control – temperature -30 ° C ~ 180 ° C, fire resistant.
API 17K: a hose for drilling oil wells.
Product use: Suitable for water based mud, oil solution, hydrogen sulphide
How to properly store the hose / rotary bunker?
The flexible tube includes Kelly hoses, rotary screw augers and well control hoses, all of which are oil resistant and pressure resistant pipes, reinforced with high-strength spirals and textiles. The environment has a significant effect on hose productivity.
Rubber hoses for oil drilling systems must be purchased before purchase. Since the hose works at high pressure, the cost of downtime or catastrophic damage will exceed your imagination when the hose fails. If you have any problems with the rotation of the hose, please contact us at 17513184946. Our sales will recommend the correct hose for your solution.