Acid and alkali-resistant hoses for chemical sae100r1at 1 4 wp 2750 psi


Application area
Acidic and alkali-resistant steel wire braided hoses for chemical and chemical delivery are used for transporting aggressive chemicals, pumping and transporting pharmaceuticals, food products, solvents and various acids. There will be no tumor, dissolution, cracks and deformities.
s & d chemical flow hose structure:
Strengthening layer: high-weight textile rope and high-strength spiral steel wire
Working pressure: constant pressure 16 bar (240PSI)
Temperature range: -20 ° C (-4 ° F) to +65 ° C (+ 150 ° F)
For the transfer of acids, chemicals, solvents and petroleum products
Loading and unloading, injection, suction or gravity flow
Chemical oil industry
Factory Transfer
Paper industry
Big truck
Oil and gas exploration
Checking the chemical and oil hose
All chemical hoses have a long service life. The length of the hose for the supply of chemicals depends on many factors, including environment, temperature, pressure, wear and other factors. To prevent costly and dangerous straits, it is important to have a way to help find the upcoming hose before the problem occurs. The hose should be checked at least once a year, and if the operating conditions are severe, it should be checked more often.
For more than ten years, Litong Rubber has tested and certified on-site assemblies and domestic petrochemical hoses. Carefully inspect each component for damage, including kinks, open steel rods, and deterioration in quality. All hoses are hydrostatically tested to 150% of the working pressure of the hose. The hose is kept under pressure for 5 minutes. Any leakage, dripping or incorrect swelling indicates a loss of the test. The checked hoses are marked with a stainless steel label indicating the date of testing and the hose identification number.
We can customize the hose testing program to meet your needs. Please contact us for assistance when starting the hose safety program.
Hoses for the supply of chemicals s & d have good chemical resistance for each application. We are pleased to choose the most suitable hose for your application. For example, we can provide the necessary couplings, etc. For your chemical hoses.
We can also provide a test certificate for your hose, if necessary.