1 4-inch food hose PTFE R14 distributor wholesaler in guwahati

In the catering industry, quality and safety are more important than ever, especially when the risk of infection is high. Do not risk – use the hydraulic brand Litong and colored suction and discharge hoses to get rid of the guesswork from the applications for catering. Hoses for food products LETONE PTFE are known for their quality, durability and ease of use and are a solution for transporting food and beverages.
Common applications include:
Non-dairy products for the food industry, inhalation and unloading of milk, vegetable oils, beverages and bulk abrasives (S & D)
Inhalation and excretion of foods containing a high percentage of alcohol
Inhalation and exhaustion of beverages, mineral water, beer, juice, wine and wine
Release of drinking water
To distribute food and beverages, spray and transport fertilizers and pesticides
Wash equipment and equipment for the food industry instead of milk
ContiTech Food Containers are expanded and developed to help you
Durability in various applications of the food industry, including: drying or carrying liquid, rinsing and cleaning.
Our wide range of hoses for food products from PTFE is reinforced with composite materials and is ideal for food processing plants, dairies, dairies, breweries, breweries, canneries, packing plants and bottling plants. We follow the rules of the FDA.
Solve these technical problems:
Products are available anytime, anywhere – global and regional availability
Optimizing operating costs using a single source is part of a broad portfolio of proposals that ensure a single transportation and invoicing
At your fingertips – global and regional customer service, engineering, technology, sales support and many online tools to answer questions about the Eaton product line
Product function
Select a safety factor of 4: 1 (impulse: operating pressure) on the stainless steel hydraulic hose for food for safer operation and longer hose life
EHF002 – Liquid food intake and discharge: it is easy to identify under the harshest conditions offered by double polyester film and embossed zippers, and offers a competitive single-layer alternative to lightning that facilitates replenishment and traceability
Flexible food hose

Series ID
MaxRec.WP(PSI) Min.B.R Weight
LT1005A/B-050 1/2 13 0.91 23 270 5 0.43
LT1005A/B-075 3/4 19 1.22 31 270 71/2 0.79
LT1005A/B-100 1 25 1.50 38 270 10 0.92
LT1005A/B-125 11/4 32 1.81 46 270 121/2 1.32
LT1005A/B-150 11/2 38 2.05 52 270 15 1.44
LT1005A/B-200 2 51 2.64 67 270 20 2.14