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 conversational Learning method
American Accent Training
by Internet
US Native teachers
Tel: 55-46233223 and 5518197053

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Conversations in English 
Interactive language learning
Reading, Writing, Speaking Help


An important part of our service is one hour of face to face conversation with native English speaker. 
This will improve your ability to communicate clearly and fluently.
Interactive videos with subtitles in English and the students native language. This will help to quickly increase your vocabulary, improve your listening and speaking.
interactive support in reading, writing and speaking. 
writting in another language is one of the most difficult thing for students of English as a second language. Our special interactive programs make it easy to achieve.


The dummy will tell you what we teach

And she will tell you how we​ teach


How We Learn A Language


American Accent Training and Conversational Learning

This program is especially for those who are too busy to attend classes, and have an intermediate to advanced skills in reading and speaking English. Beginners qre also excepted who wish to study with American teachers.

Those who live in Latin American nations, seldom have the opportunity in converse in English, consequently their fluency in the language is low; and the possibility of losing the skill completely, is high.

In my fifteen years of teaching English in Mexico, I find that most people that has studied English in Mexico lack the proper vocabulary to be understood by most English speaking persons. This is generally caused by being taught by non-native teachers. Generally what is taught is formal English, which is the form seldom used by native speakers of English. What primarily is spoken is informal English, which consist of Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, and slang.

What this course consist of is One hour of conversation with a native speaker of English each week and Interactive videos: design to improve the student's vocabulary and listening skills. Depending on the student's needs, additional lessons and videos will be given.

All will be given by the internet. The conversation place of is oppositional. it can be by internet or in the school. Available only as private, you are the only student in the class.

Details of the Course

Pronunciation of English words.
Proper sounds of the word
Proper accents (generally agreed accent used by educated people)
The pronunciation of and the spelling of phonograms used in English.
The standard accent placement in each word..
The standard and acceptable rhythm of each word.
Spelling of English words:
Phonograms used in English spelling
Spelling rules.
Interactive videos.
An interactive video which presents actual filmed scenes in everyday activities from various countries and different accents, with subtitles in English and Spanish, Spanish-English dictionary, Quizz of sentences with missing words, which the student must insert from hearing the sentence. vocabulary presentations and quizzes

Correcting the grammar, pronunciation, word accenting,sentence accenting. Word rhythm, sentence rhythm during the conversation.

All this done with patience, and respect for the student

Some of the videos used in this training (click on the link to view the video)

Interactive Lesson in English
Video on Mastering the Sounds of English
Explanation of the Sounds of English
Spanish-English Cognates

This course is six months to one year, depending on the student's achievements. It can be paid for by the month.

To begin classes, inform the school the day of the week and the time of the day you desire the conversation class. If, that day and time is available, it will be assigned you. No changes can be made, until the next one month period. Also,When you begin classes, you will be assigned the interactive , bilingual program for learning English. Other classes will be assigned as deemed necessary by the instructor.

The school hours of operation is: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm 7 days a week.