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​The Most Advaned System of Learning

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​​English Conversations 
​Interactive Language Learning
​Reading, Writing, Speaking Assistance​


​A most important part of our service is one hour of face-to-face conversation with native speaker of English. 
This will improve your ability to communicate clearly, and fluently with the entire world.
​Interactive videos with subtitles in English and your native language. This will help you to quickly increase your vocabulary, perfect your listening and speaking skills.
​interactive assistance in reading, writing and speaking. 
writing in another language is one of the most difficult for ESL students. Our special interactive programs will make it easy to accomplish.

The Dummy will tell you what We Teach


​​And This Will Tell YOU How We Teach


​​​What Else You Will Receive From Uncle Sam School of English

  1. Private one hour of conversation per week with native speaker of English
  2. Interactive videos in English and your first language.
  3. Dictionary for translation of your language to English.
  4. Videos of English conversations.
  5. Movies in English.
  6. English videos demonstrating English pronunciation.
  7. Classroom videos of grammar lessons and demonstrations.
  8. Lessons on Phrasal Verbs.
  9. Lessons on English Idioms.
  10. Lessons on English Slang.
  11. Lessons on useful English phrases used in everyday situations
  12. Videos on English grammar and its use.
  13. Online dictionaries for translation to English, idioms, expressions,etc.
  14. Lessons for the preparation for the TOEFL EXAM.
  15. Program for the analysis and correction of English writing.
  16. Program for text to voice conversation.
  17. All lessons by the internet.
  18. Payment by internet.
  19. Private conversation by internet.
  20. Assistance in conversation, pronunciation, word formation, sentence formation. 
  21. vocabulofspeech.Assistance in reading and pronouncing English words.​