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Conversational English Training​

Especially for international businesses
Perfect your English: converstaion, reading, writing

​​​​​​​​​​The Most advanced Mehtod of Teaching

Total Online School

What You Will Receive From Uncle Sam School of English

  1. Private one hour of conversation per week with native speaker of English
  2. Interactive videos in English and your first language.
  3. Dictionary for translation of your language to English.
  4. Videos of English conversations.
  5. Movies in English.
  6. English videos demonstrating English pronunciation.
  7. Classroom videos of grammar lessons and demonstrations.
  8. Lessons on Phrasal Verbs.
  9. Lessons on English Idioms.
  10. Lessons on English Slang.
  11. Lessons on useful English phrases used in everyday situations
  12. Videos on English grammar and its use.
  13. Online dictionaries for translation to English, idioms,expressions,etc.
  14. Lessons for the preparation for the TOEFL EXAM.
  15. Program for the analysis and correction of English writing.
  16. Program for text to voice conversation.
  17. All lessons by the internet.
  18. Payment by internet.
  19. Private conversation by internet.
  20. Assistance in conversation, pronunciation, word formation, sentence formation. vocabulary, manner of speech.
  21. Assistance in reading and pronouncing English words.

​A meesge from the Owner


​​​​​​​​​​Below is an introduction to our revolutionary Language Immersion System


This school is for those who speak English but need to improve their skills

​Your needs  met.

​You tell us what you want to accomplish and we design a program to accomplish your needs. 

Free Evaluation

​​​​we evaluate you English skills and advise you on your needs

​​ Fast and Easy

Uncle Sam School teaches English in a natural and effortless manner.   It does not waste the student's time agonizing boring grammar rules, or vocabulary; which the latest research finds not necessary. 

Your Own  American Tutor

Every student has their own private, native speaking instructor. There are no classrooms. All lessons, conferencing, conversations are done on the internet. The lessons are available online, 24/7.  The student can study when they want, where they want, and how they want.

Video Immersion Teaching  System

interactive real life, situational videos Spoken by native speakers of English.​Uncle Sam  School uses the most technically advanced methods available. 

Your Own Conversation Practice Partner

​The student receives one hour of conversation practice & review each week with a native English speaking tutor. ​ This insures that the student will acquire complete fluency.

Bilingual instructions and Definitions

All Instructions and language definitions is in your language. All videos have subtitles and a dictionary in your language. 

We guarantee full fluency. 

About The Uncle Sam School of English

Uncle Sam School of English is the invention of Don Appel, founder and CEO of Uncle Sam School of English. We use interactive, educational technology.
On line learning is best -- because of the following reasons: 

The Class room is inconvenient and expensive
The classroom environment is expensive and limited in its ability to facilitate teaching English. With the internet you can make videos available, PowerPoint and PDF presentations that are more effective and available to the student 24/7, at no cost to the student. The student can download these and keep them as their own, and review the lessons as many times they want.

Bilingual education Quick and Easy​​
 The quickest and most effective way of teaching English is to have the instructions to be in the student's native language. Using videos and DVDs  with native English speakers. Then, it's possible for the student to study at home or the office, or anywhere where the student is - even by phone. 

Fluency by Conversation
We include an hour of conversation, giving the student the opportunity to speak and hear English. In large classes this is not possible, but in  our classes, that's what we do.
We are on line, everything: The lessons, the  interactive videos, conversations, payments. They are there for you 24 hrs., seven days a week. You chose the time to study, how you want to study, how much you want to study. The program is completely under your control. Learn as fast as you like or as slow as you like. This is your school.

Still think classroom has any advantage to on line? Here is a comparison chart:
Draw your own conclusions:

The table below is an example of the advantages of online learning:

Study traditional method
(Classroom Teaching)

Study with Uncle Sam
(With private professor)

2 classroom instructions per week
One weekly conversation class
Average Course duration: 5 years
Average Length of Course: 1 year
In a class of ten students you have only 10% of interaction with the teacher. The statistics indicate that learning in a class room is directly proportional to the time of interaction and inversely proportional to the number of students.
You get to interact 100% of your time with the teacher. You do not have to wait while the teacher meets the needs of other students. The teacher focuses only on you and can move as fast or as slow as you want.
Have peer pressure. Sometimes you may feel intimidated to express yourself in a language in which you will surely make mistakes.
You do not have peer pressure. This is your school. You are not in com​petition with no one, except yourself. You set your goals.
Normally you  take 2 classes per week. Over time, twice a week becomes a difficult requirement to meet and you begin to miss classes, thus losing the continuity of the course. Often this causes you to leave the class and have to start from scratch the next year.
You need take only one class per week. The class lasts 60 minutes and if you can spend another 60 minutes in the week to review what was seen with the teacher, this time is enough. The combination of one class per week and your home study will allow you to achieve continuity necessary to complete your goals.
Teaching material used is entirely in English and it is difficult to advance yourself. The pace of your learning depends largely on the discretion of the teacher and rhythm with your classmates.
​All the study material, with explanations and examples, is in your language. You have the ability to move forward on your own, and have the teacher concentrate on the more complex issues, 

In short, you could  pay a little less per class  in schools, but it takes five times more to acquire the same level. In the end, your cost is much less with us. 
As we all know ... TIME IS MONEY! and LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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The school uses only native English speakers. An evaluation form can be used for each student; Click on the link to see the graphics used.​